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Beautiful Clicks of Asad and Nimra Enjoying Vacations in Northern Areas

After getting married, Asad and Nimra have become famous celebrities in Pakistan. Their love story is simply that they popularized the culture of Nikkah and married with the consent of their parents. Now, both are living a happy life after marriage.

Seeing the love between Asad and Nimra, Pakistan’s famous morning show host Nida Yasir also invited them to Good Morning Pakistan. Where the two became guests and told the public how they first met and how they became a couple. And the couple also gets congratulations and praise from people on social media.

Asad and Nimra travel to many places together after the wedding, from where they share photos on Instagram for their fans. This cute couple is currently vacationing in the Northern Areas to enjoy the winter and snowfall. So, let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of their memorable moments.

Kinza Javed
Kinza Javed
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