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Dance Video of Beautiful Naimal Khawar At Her Sister Fiza Khawar’s Wedding

27-year-old actress Naimal Khawar left the showbiz industry only after her husband’s happiness after doing a drama and film. And now she seems to be busy with artwork just because of her hobby. And because of their beauty, every boy is crazy about them.

Naimal Khwar lives in Islamabad. And she has three sisters. And the three sisters are as beautiful as they are from Europe. That is why people ask former actress Naimal about the secret of her fitness. Because even after becoming a mother of a child, she still looks like a virgin.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, the husband of Naimal Khawar, has been writing his book for a few months. And he has also taken a break from working in new dramas and films. While his drama Alif with actress Sajal Ali has achieved a record success. While his comedy film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani is also very popular.

For the past few days, the wedding ceremony of Naimal Khawar’s younger sister Fiza Khawar has been going on. She is sharing the wedding pictures with her fans on Instagram. But you will definitely be happy to see the dance video on the wedding of Naimal and her sister Fiza. So let see.

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