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Beautiful Clicks of Naimal Khawar Attending Her Sister’s Wedding With Her Husband

Beautiful couple Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi said goodbye to the showbiz industry after getting married. Because the couple wanted to live the rest of their lives according to the principles of Islam. The two of them decided together and left Showbiz at its peak.

27-year-old actress Naimal Khawar is naturally very beautiful. And her husband, Hamza Ali Abbasi, is no less than a prince. On the other hand, today’s virgin girls and boys try to copy this couple. Because people will always remember their simple wedding on such a low budget.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is currently writing a book about God. And it will soon be available to the public. When it comes to their education, they have qualified CSS. And while his wife is a professional visual artist. And fortunately, just a year after the marriage, the couple has become the parents of a son.

The wedding ceremony of Naimal Khawar’s younger sister Fiza Khawar has been going on with great fanfare for the past few days. She has three sisters and this is her last marriage at home. Many people, seeing the pictures of mayun and mehndi, questioned why Naimal’s husband Hamza did not attend the wedding. So today, Hamza has made a wonderful entry in Fiza’s Barat, so let’s see.

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