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Naimal Khawar Sister’s Look Exactly Like A Madhuri Dixit In Her Latest Beautiful Pictures

At present, the wedding of Naimal Khawar’s sister Fiza Khawar is the center of attention on social media. Because this is the last wedding of Naimal’s house, the whole family is celebrating this wedding with great fanfare. And on this occasion, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife is posting pictures for her fans on her Instagram.

Fiza Khawar’s wedding was held in Islamabad and only family relatives and close friends were invited. While her husbands were not seen at the mayun and mehndi ceremony. But on the day of the wedding, wearing the same black shalwar kameez, Hamza Ali Abbasi made a stylish entry with his wife.

If we talk about Naimal Khawar’s family, then all the three sisters in her family are very beautiful. It will look like a princess somewhere. That’s why every virgin girl is seen asking Naimal Khawar and her sister the secret of their beauty. And all she has to say is that she follows the indigenous tips.

But when the wedding pictures of Naimal Khawar’s sister Fiza went viral on social media and people saw it and chanted the slogan that she is a photocopy of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit. And then people started comparing Fiza and Madhuri by posting pictures on social media. So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of these two.

What did people comment after seeing the pictures of Madhuri Dixit and Fiza Khawar. So let’s read it too.

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