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Fiza Khawar Wedding | Meet Her Sister-In-Law

After the marriage of Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi, their sister-in-law also got married. And the younger sister also became a celebrity on social media due to her sister being an actress. Some people look at Fiza Khawar’s husband and say that he looks like an English man.

There is no doubt that Naimal Khawar was a leading actress in the Pakistani drama and film industry. But at the behest of her husband and in-laws, she withdrew from the showbiz. And today, after getting married, she has become the mother of a son, Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi. On the other hand, she has also acted in the film Verna with the beautiful Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.

Let us tell you that Naimal Khawar has two sisters. The eldest sister’s name is Rabia Khawar and the other’s name is Fiza Khawar. Her elder sister is already married and has become the mother of her children. And her younger sister’s wedding to Abdullah Khan is currently being discussed on social media. And when some people looked at Fiza’s wedding pictures and said that it was a photocopy of Madhuri Dixit.

So let me tell you the biography of Fiza Khawar’s husband Abdullah Khan. Her husband is a financial consultant and he holds his degree from London. And they belong to a Pathan family which makes them look very beautiful. On the other hand, when it comes to Abdullah Khan’s family, his sister is as beautiful as his brother. And Abdullah has two sisters, one named Aqsa Khan and the other Shezrey Khan.

Let me tell you one thing here that Abdullah Khan lives in London with his elder sister while his whole family lives in Lahore and while his younger sister Aqsa Khan lives in Dubai because of her work. But in today’s article, we will share with you the pictures of Fiza Khawar’s in-laws. So let’s take a look at some highlights.

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  1. this is so wrong LOL, Aqsa is his cousin who lives in Dubai. He has 2 older sisters who are hijab wearing and married and one younger sister who is studying to be a dentist. His whole family is from Lahore but they reside in Manchester where Fiza met him. They met at QMUL where Fiza was studying to be a lawyer.


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