Raqs-e-Bismil Actress Sarah Khan Father Passed Away

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is considered one of the top actresses in the showbiz industry. And she has become the highest-paid actress at the moment. And they started their married life just a few months ago by marrying Pakistani singer Falak Shabir.

Most people do not know that Sarah Khan is Noor Khan’s elder sister. And while the two sisters are quite famous for their sweet speaking style. Speaking of her family, she has three sisters and one brother. A brother and sister are studying at the moment and have no intention of coming to the showbiz.

Sarah Khan is currently appearing in the Hum TV drama serial Raqs-e-Bismil with handsome actor Imran Ashraf. And soon after, the best OST of this drama has achieved a record success. Because Sarah Khan has confirmed in an interview that this role will be very different from her previous roles.

The executive producer of showcase production Shazia Wajahat shared the bad news on her Instagram account. Sarah Khan and Noor Khan’s father has passed away. And she appealed to all fans to remember Sarah Khan’s father in their prayers. We pray to God to give them the highest position in heaven. Amen.


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