Beautiful Pictures of Noman Ijaz With His Wife And Kids At A Family Wedding

Noman Ijaz

Noman Ijaz is a model, actor, and famous host. And they are among the senior celebrities of Pakistan. And his wife is not from Showbiz. She is a beautiful housewife. And the duo is considered one of the most successful couples in the drama industry.

If we talk about his age at that time, he has turned 55 years old. And he still looks very young and fit. Noman and his wife, Rabia, are now the parents of three young sons. When you look at the pictures of his eldest son, he is a photocopy of his father.

He is currently seen starring alongside actors Bilal Abbas and Sana Javed in the ARY Digital drama serial Dunk. And besides being a drama actor, he is also a successful film actor. And now people are following him in large numbers on Instagram.

Noman Ijaz and his wife Rabia Noman also opened their own restaurant in Canada a few months ago. And on this occasion, his whole family spotted at the opening ceremony of the restaurant. Because he has confirmed many times in his interviews that he was also very interested in doing business with acting.

Noman Ijaz attended the family wedding with his wife and children, you will definitely appreciate seeing beautiful family pictures together. So let’s see.


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