Beautiful Pictures of Fiza Ali Daughter Faraal 6th Birthday Party


Fiza Ali celebrated her daughter Faraal’s 6th birthday with great fanfare and in the presence of her husband. On this occasion, both mothers and daughters wore the same dresses. And make adorable pictures to commemorate this birthday.

If we talk about her age at that time, Fiza Ali is 40 years old, but looking at her fitness and health, she looks like a virgin. She is an actress as well as a successful model. And while she has acted brilliantly in more than 50 Pakistani dramas.

Fiza Ali loves to travel and be ready all the time. That’s why she keeps sharing her pictures all the time on her Instagram account. And she appears on the television screen on a daily basis in the morning show of her best friend Nida Yasir.

Fiza Ali celebrated her daughter Faraal’s 6th birthday in a grand style in the presence of friends and family. But the good news is that Fiza Ali had also invited her husband Fawad Farooq on this birthday. And she also shared pictures of beautiful birthday moments with her fans. So let’s see.

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