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Ayeza Khan’s Doppelganger Has Her Own Husband Confused

Ayeza Khan’s husband Danish Taimoor was shocked when he saw a woman who looked similar to his wife on Instagram. Of course, his wife is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the Pakistani drama industry. On the other hand, she is the second most followed celebrity on Instagram, and Aiman Khan is at number one.

If we talk about her age at that time, she is still only 29 years old even after becoming a mother of two children. And if you look at her fitness and health, it doesn’t look like she’s a married girl. While in the year 2020, Ayeza Khan also got the honor of doing a photoshoot with the most clothing brands.

A few days ago we saw photocopies of Mahira Khan, Iqra Aziz, and Maya Ali. But now pictures of Ayeza Khan’s photocopy actress and model girl have also gone viral on social media. Of course, looking at the pictures together will make it difficult for you to tell the difference.

But here we will tell you one thing that this actress and model is from Brazil. And the name of the photocopy girl from Ayeza Khan is Leticia Almeida. Let me tell you here that the Brazilian photocopy girl is also married and has two children like Ayeza Khan. So let’s look at pictures of the two together.

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