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Sanam Jung And Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri Parted Their Ways

As the year 2021 begins, the bad news is that Sanam Jung has divorced her husband Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri. Because people believe that she has not been seen with her husband at all for the last few days. And she’s just spending time at home.

If we talk about the age of Sanam Jung in the year 2020, then she is 33 years old and after marrying Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri, she has now become the mother of a daughter. And she also said goodbye to hosting a morning show on Hum TV channel 2-3 years ago.

Recently, Sanam Jung celebrated her daughter Alaya’s birthday with great fanfare but some people were seeing in the pictures that her husband was not present on her daughter’s birthday. And only her family and sisters were present.

Sanam Jung doesn’t like to be very active on Instagram but she has introduced her YouTube channel due to the desire of her friends. Where she makes and shares her daily videos and teaches them something new. And people are increasingly following her on YouTube.

Sanam Jung shared a picture of herself at the end of the year 2020. Minutes after the photo was posted, people started saying and spreading rumors that she was divorced. While some people said that Sanam’s husband Abdul Qassam Jafri has also married another woman. But so far Sanam Jung has not confirmed or denied what is true?

So let’s take a look at the comments people have written on their Instagram.

While reading people’s comments, let us tell you one thing here that this news may be false. So please don’t panic.

We also pray that nothing like this happens between Sanam Jung and Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri. And the couple is happily living with their daughter. Ameen.

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