Chef Gulzar’s Daughter Imana Hussain Wedding Pictures

Chef Gulzar

Wedding pictures of Imana Hussain, daughter of renowned Pakistani Chef Gulzar, are going viral on social media. If you look at the pictures shared on their Instagram, the wedding was held with great simplicity by inviting friends and close relatives.

Chef Gulzar have been teaching people to cook on TV channel Masala for almost 15 years. And they often go to famous Pakistani hotels to give cooking classes. And their specialty is Japanese cuisine which they have brought training from Japan in Pakistan.

Chef Gulzar often shares pictures with his daughter, wife and family on Instagram. If you look at the pictures with his daughter, you will say that she is a photocopy of her father. And once or twice she has brought his daughter to his live cooking show.

But in today’s article, we will see that the wedding pictures of Chef Gulzar’s youngest daughter Imana Hussain have gone viral on social media. It can be seen in the family pictures of the wedding that he is looking very happy with his daughter on this occasion.


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