When Hubby Faisal Mumtaz Rao Expressed His Love For Nadia Khan In Live Show


Nadia Khan and her husband Faisal Rao Mumtaz’s wedding is currently the center of attention on social media and everyone wants to see their wedding photos and videos. Because here we are going to tell you one thing, this is the second marriage of both the spouses.

If we talk about Nadia Khan’s age in 2021, she is 41 years old and she is currently doing a live morning show on the PTV channel. On the other hand, Nadia Khan has 2 children from her first husband, and her husband Faisal Mumtaz Rao has only one son from his first wife. And their children also attended the wedding and took pictures together.

Now almost the whole world knows that Nadia Khan has got married for the second time to Wing Commander Faisal Mumtaz Rao. So today she suddenly took her husband on call in her Life Morning show. And asked them about how you and Mom managed the stupid reaction to our marriage criticism on social media. So listen to the video by clicking on this link below.

While many people criticized Nadia Khan, there were some who said that remarrying is not a sin, our Islam allows it. So instead of criticizing people, congratulate them and pray for a better future and a better life to come. Don’t forget to mention in the comment section below that you like Nadia Khan’s husband?

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