Nida Yasir Latest Beautiful Pictures With Her Husband And Daughter


New pictures of Nida Yasir with her daughter Silah Yasir and husband Yasir Nawaz are going viral on social media. While Nida herself still looks beautiful and unmarried like young girls. And now she has become a mother of three young children.

If we talk about the age of morning show host Nida Yasir in the year 2021, then she has turned 49 years old. And she’s perfectly fit this day. Because she gets up early every morning and takes good care of her workouts. And because of which innocence is evident on his face to this day.

Nida Yasir started her married life 20 years ago by marrying producer and actor Yasir Nawaz. And today, the couple often appear together at showbiz parties. On the other hand, Nida and Yasir have also opened their own food restaurant in Karachi. And the couple is busy at their restaurant at night.

Some beautiful pictures of Nida Yasir with her daughter Silah Yasir are going viral on social media in which it can be seen that both mother and daughter are looking very beautiful. While some people say that their daughter is a photocopy of her mother.



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