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Arij Fatyma Looks So Fat In Her Recent Pictures

After becoming Ozair Ali’s wife, actress and model Arij Fatyma is getting fat. And she is currently living in Canada with her husband and in-laws. Let us tell you one thing here that her husband is not from Showbiz. And her husband is just as innocent as she is.

If we talk about the age of actress Arij Fatyma in the year 2021, then she has turned 31 years old. And she still looks perfectly fit and unmarried like a young girl. And while she also gives make-up tips to girls in her free time through her Instagram account.

Arij Fatyma started her married life in 2017 by marrying Ozair Ali. And today, by the grace of God, the couple has become the parents of a daughter. Let me tell you one thing here, this was Arij Fatima’s second marriage to Ozair Ali and their first marriage broke up in just a few months.

Arij Fatyma has acted in countless successful Pakistani dramas before her marriage. And seeing their natural beauty, everyone becomes their fan. And since the birth of her daughter, she is not in the mood to work in new dramas, and she has been away from showbiz for some time now.

But in today’s article, we will see that some beautiful pictures of actress and model Arij Fatyma from her Instagram are going viral, it can be seen in the pictures that she is looking much fatter than before. So let’s see.

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