Beautiful Pictures of Amber Khan With Her Daughter Anum

Amber Khan

Amber Khan is a well-known celebrity in the Pakistani showbiz industry and she often attends the morning shows of private TV channels as a guest. She is a well-known host, make-up artist, and actress. When she became famous for hosting, she opened her own salon and training center in Karachi with the name Amber Khan Salon.

Amber Khan got married once in her life but unfortunately, it is not known why it turned into a divorce. And she has two daughters from her first husband and she is living with her daughters as a single parent. Seeing so many people on TV, it seemed to them that Amber Khan’s life would be full of happiness only.

Many people do not even know that Amber Khan is the elder sister of Kiran Khan. And these two sisters are counted among the famous actresses and hosts of Showbiz. Their children are young, and both still look fit as if they were unmarried.

Amber Khan has shared some beautiful pictures with her daughter Anum on her Instagram account on her birthday in which it can be seen that mother and daughter love each other very much. she wrote, I am very proud to be the mother of a strong woman. So let’s take a look at these mother-daughter pictures together.


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