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Beautiful Pictures of Shaista Lodhi’s in Nida Yasir Morning Show

Famous host Shaista Lodhi attended today’s Good Morning Pakistan show of Nida Yasir with her father. On the other hand, Nida had also specially invited her actor father to the show. And the two of them did a special show together with their father.

If we talk about the age of Nida Yasir and Shaista Lodhi at that time, they are both over 45 years old. But both celebrities have maintained their health and fitness to such an extent that they do not look old to this day. And while Shaista has now taken a break from hosting the Morning Show.

Nida Yasir and Shaista Lodhi are among the women who brought the trend of the morning shows in Pakistan from abroad. And after watching them, many TV channels started copying this idea. And nowadays only Nida Yasir and Nadia Khan are hosting Morning Show on Pakistani TV screens.

But in today’s article we will see that Nida Yasir invited Shaista Lodhi with her father in her show and both father and daughter looked very beautiful, so let’s see some beautiful pictures. After looking at the pictures, don’t forget to tell us whether you like Nida Yasir or Shaista Lodhi.

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