Beautiful Clicks of Noman Ijaz Celebrates His 26th Wedding Anniversary With Lovely Wife Rabia


Noman Ijaz is considered one of the senior actors in the Pakistani drama and film industry. And a few days ago, he opened his own restaurant in Canada. And if we talk about his age in the year 2021, then he is 55 years old.

Apart from being an actor, Noman Ijaz is also a model and a famous host. And he is currently seen starring in the ARY digital drama Dunk with actors Azekah Daniel, Bilal Abbas Khan, and Sana Javed. He likes to act in plays that suit his mood and personality.

Noman Ijaz started his married life by marrying Rabia Noman 26 years ago. And today, the couple has become the parents of three young sons. On the other hand, if you look at the pictures of his eldest son, it seems as if Noman Ijaz’s childhood is standing still.

But in today’s article we will see that Rabia Noman and Noman Ijaz are celebrating their 26th birthday at home with great beauty and their love is exactly like it was in their first year of marriage. So let’s see some beautiful pictures of them celebrating their wedding anniversary and cutting the cake.


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