Uzma and Dia Cannoli, Restaurant Owners, Make Fun of Their Manager’s Broken English


Uzma and Dia are the owners of Cannoli By Cafe Soul Restaurant in Islamabad. A video of them going viral on social media in which they are both making fun of their manager’s broken English. And after making this video, she uploaded it on her Instagram account, but as soon as the public started criticizing it, she deleted it from there.

As can be seen in the video, they both call their manager and ask him how many years you have been working in the restaurant here? And how many English courses have you taken so far? And will you introduce yourself in English? When the manager introduces himself in English, they both laugh out loud. If a person speaks Urdu while living in Pakistan, he has no value.

In front of these two women, a man named Owais, the manager of the restaurant, keeps himself very polite. And he also tries to answer all their questions in English and here we will tell you one thing that his English is also much better than these women. But in the manager’s eyes, there is a respect for the woman that is clearly visible in the video.

While living in Pakistan, we will probably continue to argue that anyone who can speak English is very literate. He can definitely get a very good job. But English is just a language and nothing more. The whole world has reached the moon and today we are fighting over languages. After watching the video of these two women, don’t forget to express your opinion in the comments section below.

When people saw the video of these two shameless women and expressed their opinion in this way, let’s read a comment.

On the other hand, the australian wife of former Pakistani fast bowler Wasim Akram also expressed her opinion in this way.

And after a while, people on Twitter started the trend of #Boycottcannoli and said that this restaurant should be boycotted completely. Now the wait is for these two women to come and make a video in front of the public and apologize to their manager.


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