Beautiful Pictures of Sanam Jung And Sarah Khan Wearing Same Dress

Sanam Jung and Sarah Khan

Some beautiful pictures of the top actresses of the Pakistani drama industry Sanam Jung and Sarah Khan wearing the same dress are going viral on social media. Here we will tell you one thing that Sanam Jung wore this dress in the Hum Awards of 2019 while Sarah Khan wore it while acting in the drama serial Raqs-e-Bismal which is aired on Hum TV nowadays.

Speaking of Sanam Jung, she has apologized for hosting the Morning Show a few years ago. And since then she has been seen acting in Pakistani dramas. In addition, she spends time at home with her family, daughter, and in-laws, while her husband, being a pilot, lives mostly out of the country.

On the other hand, Sarah Khan is currently seen performing brilliantly in the Pakistani drama Raqs-e-Bismal. And she started her married life a few months ago by marrying Pakistani singer Falak Shabir. One of the special things about her husband is that when his wife is on the shooting set, he always arrives with a rose for her.

But in today’s article we will see that when Sarah Khan and Sanam Jung wore the same dress, it became difficult to decide which one looked cuter, so let’s see the beautiful pictures of them in the same clothes.

After seeing the pictures in the comment section below, don’t forget to tell us do you like Sarah Khan or Sanam Jung in this dress.


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