Beautiful Pics of Javeria Saud’s Family Attending Nida Yasir’s Morning Show Wearing Same Dress


Javeria Saud along with her husband and kids attended Nida Yasir’s morning show today. Some beautiful photos taken by a professional photographer of her family are going viral on social media. In the pictures, it can be seen that the whole family is wearing the same dress.

Let me tell you one thing here: Javeria Saud is the wife of Pakistani film star Saud Qasmi. And now she is a mother of two children. On the other hand, her drama serial Nand aired on ARY Digital Channel is very popular these days. And she confirmed that she was working on another TV channel’s drama after 20 years.

Javeria Saud has also opened a clothing brand in the name of her daughter Jannat Saud. And often she is seen branding her dress at the Showbiz event. And people are following her in large numbers on her Instagram and YouTube channels.

But in today’s article we will see that Javeria Saud was seen with her entire family attending Nida Yasir’s morning show and on this occasion her entire family was dressed in black. So let’s take a look at some of her beautiful photos from Instagram while attending the morning show.


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