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Latest Pictures of Bushra Ansari From Her Trip To USA

Bushra Ansari is one of the most senior actresses in the Pakistani drama and film industry. And she has acted in over a hundred popular dramas. And newcomers learn a lot from her and she also gives acting tips. And while she is the elder sister of actress Asma Abbas.

If we talk about his age in the year 2021, then Bushra Ansari has turned 64 years old. And she has become the mother of two daughters. And his two daughters are married. And now, by the grace of Allah, she has become a grandmother.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, the news went viral on social media that Bushra Ansari has parted ways with her first husband. And she herself confirmed in an interview that yes, this news is true. On the other hand, there is news that she has got married to Iqbal Hussain for the second time.

But in today’s article, we will see that Bushra Ansari is currently in the United States due to a lockdown. And photos of her roaming the streets of the United States are going viral on social media. So let’s see.

Kinza Javed
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  1. Sorry to Say Agar ap ko duniya main woh insaan dekna jo confirm allah ka azab main jakri jaye ge woh hai..
    jawani tu jawani agar bhurhapy main be allah ka khof nai parda nai kapro ka tamez nai aur bas gahiro ka saat pictures.

    this type of persons knowns as Jin ko akarat aur qabar ka yaqeen nai.

  2. Bushra Ansari is a legend of Pakistan in all formats she has been a true entertainer with her extremely natural way of acting and delivering her roll. She has been a great comedian and very lively.
    People are commenting on her personal life in a very negative and bizzare way that’s extremely disappointing.
    On the other hand Ms. Bushra Ansari may also take care of the social and religious norms. Although getting married in this age is truly her personal matter and she must have been lacking this lively hood in her previous paired life . But any how she must maintain her great social , personal and professional image in the media to avoid people making negative comments or gossips about her personal life

  3. Bushra is full of life, filthy minded people comment negatively on her choice of being alive
    I can see many dead souls inside young bodies and people love to see traumatized souls living like ghosts around them. but when they see some live person they open their filthy mouths and pour shit onto them.

    specially women are not allowed to live their life.


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