Alizeh Shah New Latest Pictures With Her Lovely Friend Imran Abbas

Alizeh Shah

Seeing pictures of Imran Abbas and Alizeh Shah together on social media, the news was circulating that something was going on between them. Earlier, after seeing the pictures of Alizeh with actor Noaman Sami, people said that she has got engaged to him. But there is no truth in both stories.

If we talk about the age of model and actress Alizeh Shah in the year 2021, then she has turned 20 years old. Everyone becomes her fan by seeing her thick eyes and natural beauty on her face. She is more engaged on Tiktok than on her Instagram account. And she keeps sharing funny videos with her fans.

Alizeh Shah attends every showbiz party while she also gives fashion ideas to her fans by dressing well in both summer and winter seasons. And one of the special things about her is that every marketing brand is ready to have a photoshoot with her. And because of this, they get very good sales because of their cast in their campaigns.

But in today’s article, we will see how Alizeh Shah dressed up for the winter of 2020. She has also shared some photos on her Instagram. Let us tell you one thing here that Alizeh and Imran are just best friends. So let’s take a look at some new pictures of her enjoying the winter of Karachi.


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