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Beautiful Pictures of Fahad Mustafa Son Moosa 5th Birthday Party

Some beautiful pictures of Fahad Mustafa celebrating his son’s 5th birthday with his wife and daughter are going viral on social media. It can be seen in the pictures that Fahad Mustafa set the stage for his son’s birthday on the theme of cricket. And Captain Moosa was written with his son’s name.

If we talk about the age of Fahad Mustafa in the year 2021, then he has turned 37 years old. He entered the world of acting with a very small TV role. And hosting the Jeeto Pakistan program increased their popularity. If he is called a versatile actor, it would not be wrong to say that he performs all kinds of acting with great skill.

Fahad Mustafa started his married life at a very young age in the year 2005 by marrying Sana Fahad. And now, by the grace of God, he has become the father of two kids. Here we tell you that his wife is not from Showbiz, she is a housewife. And she often visits her husband’s program, Jeeto Pakistan, as a guest. And the duo is considered one of the ideal couples in the showbiz industry.

But in today’s article, we will see that Fahad Mustafa is celebrating the 5th birthday of his son Moosa with great fanfare. If you look at the pictures, both father and son are wearing the same unique dress. And to commemorate his son’s 5th birthday, he shared family photos with his fans, so let’s see.

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