Sohail Tanvir Latest Beautiful Pictures With His Wife Komal Khan

Sohail Tanvir

There are many famous batsmen and bowlers in the Pakistani cricket team who became famous as soon as they came. One of them is Sohail Tanveer, a left-arm Pakistani bowler. The biggest player of any team was trembling in front of his bowling. Because he had a great variety of bowling.

If we talk about the age of Sohail Tanvir in the year 2021, then he has turned 36 years old. And he started his married life by marrying Komal Khan 10 years ago. And today, by the grace of God, this beautiful couple has become the parents of two sons.

Sohail Tanvir is a good bowler as well as a good all-rounder. He has won the Pakistani cricket team many times in difficult situations with his excellent batting. But he is not given as much respect in the team as he deserves but he always shows his performance. And that’s why he is so loved by the people.

But in today’s article, we will see pictures of Pakistani cricketer Sohail Tanvir’s wife Komal Khan and their two cute kids. Some people, seeing the pictures of his wife, started saying that she is more beautiful than her husband and looks like heroin. So let’s take a look at their family photos.


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