Beautiful Pictures of Naimal Khawar And Sonya Hussyn Wearing Same Dress


It is now becoming very common in showbiz that many Pakistani actresses wear the same dress. In the old days, there was a famous saying that once an actress wears a suit, the second time no actress likes to wear that suit. And of course this is a very good thing about our Pakistani actresses.

Naimal Khawar and Sonyea Hussain are both considered successful actresses in the Pakistani showbiz industry. But after marrying Hamza Ali Abbasi, Naimal has left the showbiz industry completely. On the other hand, if we talk about Sonya, she is making her mark in Pakistani films and dramas. And a funny thing is that Sonya’s face is very similar to that of Indian actress Priyanka Chopra.

But in today’s article we will see that Sonya Hussyn and Naimal Khawar wore the same dress while attending their home wedding. Fans were confused as to who looked more cute after seeing the pictures of the two in the same dress. That is why by making this article we are at your service to decide whether Sonya looks more lovely or Naimal? So let’s take a look at the pictures below.


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