Javeria Saud Last Night on Party Enjoy Clicks With School Friends


Javeria Saud, who starred in ARY Digital’s drama Nand, is very fond of attending showbiz parties. She attends a party almost every weekend. And if she doesn’t attend a party, then she invites a celebrity to her house. In fact, she is a talkative celebrity woman.

If we talk about the age of Pakistani actress and model Javeria Saud in the year 2021, then she has turned 49 years old. And while she is now rarely seen in acting and give more time to their clothing business and she has also opened their outlet in Dolmen Mall Karachi. And she has an outlet in the name of her daughter Jannat Javairrya.

Javeria Saud entered the world of acting in the ’90s. And after that, the couple worked hard and made a lot of money. And today, Javeria and Saud have built a huge house in the Defence Area in Karachi. And the video of her palace-like home was uploaded to her YouTube channel by Javeria herself and shared with fans.

But in today’s article, we will see that some beautiful pictures of Javeria Saud having a night party with her school friends are going viral in which it can be seen that 5-6 of her friends are taking selfie pictures. Even after reaching the age of 50, people still look at her fitness and ask her the secret of her beauty. So let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures of these friends having a party.


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