Nadia Khan Old Day Pics With Her Ex-Husband Khawar Iqbal


Photos of Nadia Khan with her first husband Khawar Iqbal are going viral on social media. But now the two have parted ways. But here we will tell you one thing that Nadia Khan has two children from her first husband. And while she also adopted a third child a few days ago.

To this day, no one knows why Nadia Khan and her first husband Khawar Iqbal got divorced. But famous host and actress Nadia Khan has now got married to Faisal Mumtaz for the second time and people have seen her wedding photos on social media. This is also her husband’s second marriage.

If Nadia Khan’s husband Faisal Mumtaz is briefly introduced here, he is a retired pilot by profession. He also has a son from his first wife who is still studying. On the other hand, people are very much liking Nadia and Faisal together. And they are both currently on holiday in Malam Jabba.

But many people wanted to know how Nadia Khan’s first husband Khawar Iqbal is, so in today’s article we will see beautiful pictures of Nadia Khan’s past with her first husband.


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