Ahad Raza Mir And Resham Most Cutest Pictures


Sajal Ali’s husband Ahad Raza Mir is one of the talented and educated actors of the Pakistani showbiz industry. He does not like to share his personal life on social media. He says the house thing should stay at home. That’s why Sajal and Ahad never look very active on their Instagram account.

Just a few days ago, Ahad Raza Mir in his interview showed a little anger on the people of Pakistan. He said that people tell us that we are the son of an actor and we are getting work in the field of acting because of our fathers. But really, he is a successful and experienced actor. If anyone finds fault with their performance, we will be amazed.

Actress Resham, on the other hand, who does not need any introduction, is one of the senior actors in Pakistan who has acted in both drama and film screens. And if we talk about their age in the year 2021, then Resham is 52 years old. And she started her film career with the film Sangam. And today it teaches a lot to new actors and also gives them tips to move forward.

But in today’s article, we will see that actress Resham has become the bride in the new photoshoot of young actor Ahad Raza Mir. People laughed a lot when they saw this photoshoot. They said that a bride can be made at the age of 52. While some people said that this child means what is the fault of Ahad Raza Mir who became her groom. So let’s see the beautiful pictures together from their new photoshoot.


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