Beautiful Pictures of Javeria Saud Attending The Birthday of Her Best Friend Nida Pasha


Of course, some people never get old in life. There are many actresses in the Pakistani showbiz industry who are still fit and healthy. Today we are talking about Pakistani actress and model Javeria Saud who is now 49 years old. And she still looks like a virgin.

In many previous articles, we have told you that Javeria Saud is very fond of attending showbiz parties and she goes out somewhere with her friends every week. Because she believes that when a woman goes out of the house, her tension goes away.

Many of you may not know is that famous morning show host and actress Nida Yasir was born on January 31. And her husband Yasir Nawaz arranged a birthday surprise for her at his restaurant. And he also invited Nida’s best friend by phone call so that they could make his wife’s birthday more memorable.

But in today’s article, we will see that Javeria Saud and her husband attended Nida Yasir’s 47th birthday wearing the same dress. And she took selfies with almost all the guests who came. Let’s take a look at some beautiful photos from Nida’s birthday party.


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