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Beautiful Pics of Newlywed Srha Asghar’s Attending Nida Yasir’s Morning Show

Srha Asghar is one of the youngest actresses in the Pakistani showbiz industry. She has just started her married life by marrying Lala Umer a few days ago. While some people look at the pictures of her husband and say that it looks like a photocopy of Junaid Jamshed.

Let us tell you one thing here that Srha’s husband is not from Showbiz. And looking at her husband’s height, it looks like he’s 7 feet tall. Because when their pictures go viral on social media, Srha can only reach their shoulders. And on the other hand, her husband’s innocence is very much liked by the people.

Just a few days after the wedding, Srha went to the Maldives with her husband to celebrate their honeymoon. And she also shared photos of every moment from there with her fans on her Instagram account. Because she is more interested in taking pictures than ever before, she takes pictures with great interest.

But in today’s article, we will see that Naida Yasir invited newlywed Salma to his morning show and she attended the show without her husband. To make up for her husband’s absence, host Nida Yasir wore a mask on her husband’s face. So let’s see some beautiful pictures of the arrival of a doll-like actress in the Morning Show.

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