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Why Didn’t Any Pakistani Actress Invite Hira Mani To Her Wedding

Hira Mani is a big name in the Pakistani showbiz industry. In a very short period of time, she has achieved the position of fame that today’s new actresses want to achieve. And when she married actor Salman Sheikh aka Mani, she didn’t even know Showbiz.

If we talk about the age of actress and model Hira Mani in the year 2021, then she is 32 years old. And she got married at a very young age. She was very fond of acting since her childhood, so her husband helped her a lot in becoming an actress. And because of his wife’s showbiz career, he ended his career.

As well as being an actress, Hira Mani is also a famous model and singer. Her debut song Sawaari for Kashmir Banaspati is becoming very popular among the people. While her songs have gained millions of views as soon as they are uploaded on YouTube. And people like their expressions more than the lyrics of the song.

But in today’s article, we will see that when Mira Sethi invited Hira Mani to her show, she complained to Pakistani actresses. She said I don’t know why Pakistani actresses don’t invite me to their wedding. Maybe I’m not their friend. And while she also mentioned in the video that Sajal Ali, Mira Sethi, Sarah Khan, and Iqra Aziz did not invite me to their wedding. Click on the link below to watch their video.

Do you also think that famous Pakistani actresses are jealous of Hira Mani’s success? So don’t forget to express your opinion in the comments action below. Thanks!

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