Actress Zoya Nasir Best Friend Christian Betzmaan Converted to Islam

Actress Zoya Nasir Best Friend Christian Betzmaan Converted to Islam

Actress and model Zoya Nasir’s best friend Christian Betzmaan has converted to Islam. And let us tell you one thing: He is a German content writer and Vlogger. He wrote the words Religion of Peace on his social media account after converting to Islam.

Christian Betzmaan has been living in Pakistan for almost a year now and also visits famous places of Pakistan and he added that while living in Pakistan I did not feel any threat it is a peaceful country. He added on his Instagram that I started this channel in December and have been in Pakistan for almost a year and during that time I have met a lot of amazing people with whom I have learned about religion and culture.

While Betzmaan, after converting to Islam, took a certificate in his hands and made a wonderful picture viral. He added My childhood friends were also from Muslim families.

On the other hand, famous Pakistani celebrities and YouTuber praised Christian Betzmaan’s conversion to Islam. A famous actress like Minal Khan and Zara Noor Abbas congratulated him.

Here we will tell you one thing that Christian Betzmaan’s pictures with actress Zoya Nasir also go viral, so people look at the pictures and say that something is going on with them. And while some people said that he is going to be their husband very soon. And while Zoya and Christian have also made videos for YouTube channels from different places together.

We congratulate Christian Betzmaan on his conversion to Islam and may Allah Almighty make his life easier and more successful. Ameen!


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