Shaista Lodhi Walk on Ramp At Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week 2021


Photos and videos of Shaista Lodhi walking on the ramp at HUM Bridal Couture Week 2021 are going viral. Which is going on in full swing in Lahore. As for Shaista Lodhi’s bridal dress, she wore a suit made by the famous make-up artist Kashee’s.

Shaista Lodhi also took a break from hosting the Morning Show a few years ago and now runs her own clinic and is busy with her personal affairs. And when it comes to their marriage, she lives with her cousin Adnan Lodhi. And now she is a mother of three children. Many of us don’t know that she is also the elder sister of actor and host Sahir Lodhi.

Shaista Lodhi has been working in the Pakistani showbiz industry for almost 20 years. And there were a lot of scandals during her career. But she also faced a false scandal that befell her. And when it comes to her profession, she is a doctor by profession. While many Pakistani celebrities go to her for a consultation about their skin. And most of the time, she also appears as a guest on the morning shows of private TV channels.

But in today’s article, we will see Shaista Lodhi ramping up at HUM Bridal Couture Week where she wore a bridal dress made by the famous make-up artist Kashee’s. And with her great beauty, people liked the ramp walk on the floor. Here we tell you that in the year 2021, model and actress Shaista Lodhi has turned 43 years old. So let’s watch a beautiful video of her walking the ramp at HUM Bridal Week 2021.

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