Javeria Saud New Clicks With Friends On Party Looking Stunning


Javeria Saud, who always attends her friend’s parties, never apologizes to her, no matter how busy she is. And that is the true identity of friends who stand by you in your joys and your sorrows. And you will be well aware of this habit of Javeria Saud.

You all know that she is doing a great job in ARY Digital’s drama Nand these days. And people are starting to remember the old Javeria again after years of acting in showbiz. Because her acting has not changed at all. Nor did she change her face when she reached the age of 50. Of course, it’s because of her healthy eating and exercising on time that she looks like a young girl to this day.

Fans are very fond of Javeria Saud’s habit these days that when she is on the shooting set of Nand Drama, she comes up with a live video with her fans and tells the fans how our shooting is recorded. And people watch her live video with great interest and ask their questions which she also tries to answer in the live video. And the common question for many people is to give us a chance to act in some way.

But in today’s article, we will see that Javeria Saud is looking very beautiful while attending her school friend’s wedding. Wearing a black Banarsi dress, she looks like a princess while her husband Saud is also present on the occasion. And to commemorate her friend’s wedding, she is taking pictures with the guests. Let’s take a look at some beautiful pictures while attending the wedding of Javeria Saud’s friend.

Do you people think that Javeria Saud is wearing a black Banarsi dress at her friend’s wedding and looks like a princess? If so, don’t forget to tell us your opinion in the comments section below. Thanks!


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