Srha Asghar New Latest Pictures With Her Lovely Husband Lala Umer

Srha Asghar New Latest Pictures With Her Lovely Husband Lala Umer

Srha Asghar and Lala Umer are now on honeymoon vacation after getting married. As an actress, she married with great simplicity and made Umer her life partner. And of course, after seeing their wedding photos, people are really liking their couple. Here we will tell you one thing that her husband is not from Showbiz. And he does a private job in a company.

Srha Asghar got married at a very young age and gave a good message to young girls. Because many girls want their fiance to have everything, so they don’t get married at a young age. One important thing we want to tell you here is that Umer and Srha met at their friend’s wedding and their love started from there. And today their love turned into marriage.

Just a few days ago, Srha attended Nida Yasir’s morning show and talked about her marriage there. But even at the invitation of Nida Yasir, her husband did not agree to participate in the morning show. To complete the absence of the husband host Nida Yasir put a mask on Srha’s husband’s face. And people criticized her action on social media.

But in today’s article, we will see Srha Asghar is spending her precious time with her husband after marriage. But she is also sharing photos of her happy moments with her fans. Because she has confirmed in her interviews that no matter how much fame an actor gets, it is only because of her admired followers. While some people looking at the pictures of her husband said that he looks like a photocopy of Junaid Jamshed.

After seeing the pictures of Srha Asghar and Lala Umer together, don’t forget to good wishes to both of them. Thanks!


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