Javeria Saud Looked Ethereal In Black Saree At A Friend’s Wedding


Pakistani actress and model Javeria Saud likes to go to showbiz parties as if it is her duty. Despite reaching the age of 50, she still considers herself a young girl. And many of you may not know that she is a mother of two children.

Javeria Saud is currently starring in ARY Digital’s popular drama serial Nand. And people are very happy with her sudden return to acting. Because she has agreed to act in a new play after 20 years. Her character is written like this in the play, so people are more likely to criticize her.

Javeria Saud is very active on her Instagram and YouTube channels and also tries to connect with her fans 24 hours a day. And besides, when it comes to her children, they have no intention of coming to showbiz right now. And the face of her daughter is exactly a photocopy of her mother.

But in today’s article, we will see that Javeria Saud attended her friend’s wedding wearing a black saree. And when her close friends also came wearing black sarees. But people were amazed to see Javeria Saud’s Indian style saree and Indian style makeup. Because she was wearing a saree and looked like she was looking for a good groom.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below that you also looked cute wearing a Javeria Saud black saree. Thanks!


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