Pawri Horahi Hai: Dananeerr Talks About Their Wedding Plans


Dananeerr Mobeen has become an overnight social media star and her 10-second video has added her to the list of celebrities. You will all be familiar with her viral video Pawri Horahi Hai. Let us tell you one thing here that she also has a sister Nafayal Mobeen who looks a lot like her.

Let us tell you here that Dananeerr Mobeen is 21 years old and she has just completed her A-Levels. And she wants to study more and now she wants to do CSS. Only time will tell whether she will study or become an actress like the showbiz people.

When Dananeerr Mobee’s video went viral on social media, people started saying that first Nida Yasir should invite her to her morning show. And just like the people who wrote in the comments, the same thing happened. She arrived in Karachi with her sister a few days ago and she had a lot of funny things.

On the innocent question of Nida Yasir, Dananeerr said that she may not be ready for marriage yet but she will marry with the consent of her parents. She said “No one knows children better than their parents. What they decide is always in their favor,” And if you want to hear what else she has to say, click on the link below to see.

Do you have a wedding plan? So will definitely tell us in the comments section below. Thanks!


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