Zoya Nasir & Christian Betzmann Got Engaged (Pictures)


Pakistani actress and model Zoya Ali also gave the good news of the engagement to her fans. And she got engaged to German Vlogger Christian Betzmann. Pictures of her with her future husband posing on the beach have gone viral on social media.

If we talk about the age of the Pakistani actress and model Zoya Nasir in the year 2021, then she is 30 years old. And as well as being an actor, she is also a famous beautician. And while she has also done a great job in the play Zebaish a few days ago. And people love her innocent acting.

Let us tell you here that Christian Betzmann had just converted to Islam a few days ago. And people believed that they changed their religion because of Zoya Nasir. Because the photos of the two datings together all the time go viral on social media. And today this suspicion of the people has turned into belief.

But in today’s article, we will see how her future husband Christian Betzmann proposed to her fiance Zoya Nasir at the beach. Seeing Zoya’s dressing, people started criticizing her. So let’s see the beautiful pictures of both of them wearing their enagagement rings.

Don’t forget to congratulate actress Zoya Nasir on her engagement with Christian Betzmann. Thanks!


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