Ishqiya Actress Ramsha Khan Makes Funny Meme On ‘Ye Hamari Car Hai’

Ishqiya Actress Ramsha Khan Makes Funny Meme On ‘Ye Hamari Car Hai’

Pakistani actress and model Ramsha Khan’s own personal version of the viral video Ye Hamari Car Hai has hit the internet. And people love their unique style. Because wherever you look on social media, the memes of this viral video appear to have been made.

If we talk about the age of actress Ramsha Khan in the year 2021, then she is 26 years old and she is still unmarried. And one important thing we want to tell you here is that she is the first cousin of actor Ali Abbas. And just a few days ago, her drama serial Ishqiya ended, which was a record-breaking success.

Ramsha Khan is not very active on her social media Instagram. She loves to be alone or with her family. And that’s why she has very few friends, despite being in a showbiz-like field. And now she has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram. One important thing is that she is not only an actress but also a famous model.

But in today’s article, we will see that Ramsha Khan humiliated the party girl Dananeerr in a humorous way when she made her video on the viral video Ye Hamari Car Hai. Of course, you will also laugh when you see this style of Rimsha Khan. So watch the video by clicking on the link below.

Did you guys like Ramsha Khan’s humorous style on this viral video? If yes, will definitely tell us in the comments section below. Thanks!


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