Mariyam Nafees Celebrates Her Birthday With Work-Family


Pakistani actress and model Mariyam Nafees is one of the young actresses. Beautiful pictures of this girl celebrating her 26th birthday with friends are going viral on social media. As can be seen in the pictures, she went to the beach and cut her cake to commemorate the day.

Mariyam Nafees is naturally lovely, and she is still unmarried, and she is looking for a good boy to marry. When it comes to her famous drama, Diyar-e-Dil is at the top. And besides, she has acted in countless Pakistani dramas. Here we will tell you an interesting thing that her face is very similar to her mother.

Mariyam Nafees is very busy on her Instagram account and she always tries to stay connected with her fans. She shares all her upcoming updates with her fans on Instagram. Because she is one of today’s young actresses, she prefers to live in the digital era. And that is why today the number of followers on her Instagram has reached close to 15,000.

But in today’s article, we will see that actress Mariyam Nafees went to the beach with her friends to celebrate her 26th birthday and she cut her birthday cake there and shared beautiful photos of the birthday with her fans. So let’s see.

Don’t forget to congratulate those of you who are fans of Mariyam Nafees on her 26th birthday. Thanks!


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