Saba Faisal Looking So Royal In Her Latest Bridal Photoshoot

Saba Faisal Looking So Royal In Her Latest Bridal Photoshoot

Saba Faisal is one of the senior actresses in the Pakistani drama industry. She can handle all kinds of roles with great ease. She started her career as a newscaster on a PTV channel. And then she stepped into the world of showbiz and started working in dramas.

If we talk about the age of Pakistani actress Saba Faisal in 2021, she is 63 years old. And she lives in Lahore. On the other hand, she appears in prime-time dramas on every private TV channel. And her role in the play is somehow giving a good message. And that’s why people admire them.

Saba Faisal has three children and all three are from Showbiz. But their three children are busy building their careers and their mother does not recommend them. The place where their three children are today is due to their hard work. And people ask her the secret of her beauty. She believes in being happy and making others happy.

But in today’s article, we will see that actress Saba Faisal appeared in HSY bridal photoshoot. And her daughter and son are also present with her in this photoshoot. When she became a bride at the age of 63, she looked like a princess of the Mughal era. So let’s take a look at her bride’s photoshoot.

Did Saba Faisal look very beautiful as a bride in this photo shoot? If so, please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks!


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