Beautiful Clicks of Sanam Jung Attending Her Sister’s Wedding With Her Husband

Beautiful Clicks of Sanam Jung Attending Her Sister’s Wedding With Her Husband

Sanam Jung’s younger sister Anam Jung’s wedding photos are going viral on social media. It can be seen in the pictures that Sanam’s whole family is present on this occasion and is very happy. The newlyweds, on the other hand, chose to wear a white dress on the occasion.

A few days ago, the news was circulating on social media that Sanam Jung and her husband Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri had divorced. But years later, Sanam Jung’s husband attended Anam’s wedding and took pictures with his wife. And people’s suspicion vanished so easily that they are both living happily ever after.

Sanam Jung no longer hosts the Morning Show on Hum TV which has been completely shut down by the channel management. And she has confirmed in her interview that if she gets an offer to do a morning show again from a private TV channel, she will definitely do it. But nowadays she is busy in dramas or modeling photoshoots. And like all the actors, she has also introduced her own YouTube channel.

But in today’s article, we will see that Sanam Jung attended her sister’s wedding with her husband. And on this occasion, she was looking very happy. So let’s take a look at some beautiful photos from her sister’s wedding with the family.

To allay people’s suspicions, Sanam Jung made a video with her husband and shared it. Click on the link to watch it.

You too will not forget to congratulate Sanam Jung’s younger sister Anam on her wedding. Thanks!


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