Beautiful Pictures of Hira Mani Celebrates Her 33rd Birthday With Friends


Pakistani actress and model Hira Mani has turned 33 today. Some beautiful pictures celebrating her birthday are going viral on social media. This birthday surprise party was given by designer Aisha and Nabeel. But on this occasion, if one looks at the pictures a little, Hira looks a bit confused.

Hira Mani is a very good habit. She celebrates every day with great care. And because of this habit, people immediately become fans of her. While some people still think that Hira Mani is still unmarried and single. But let us tell you another important thing here that she is also the mother of two sons. And they’ve been married for almost 12 years.

Hira Mani is an actor, model, and host as well as a famous singer. Suffice it to say here that she performs all kinds of roles with great skill. Her two outstanding plays Meray Paas Tum Ho and Do Bol will forever be remembered in the hearts of the audience. And indeed, whatever drama she is cast in, the drama succeeds before it comes.

But in today’s article, we will see that Hira Mani celebrated her 33rd birthday with her friends with great simplicity. In the shared photos of the birthday, it can be seen that she is looking fatter than before. And I don’t know why she looks so upset. So let’s take a look at her birthday party.

Those who are fans of Hira Mani will not forget to congratulate them on their 33rd birthday. Thanks!


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