Sanam Jung Reveals Why She And Husband Qassam Jafri Don’t Live Together


For some days now, it has been rumored on social media that Sanam Jung and her husband Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri have divorced. Because her husband lives in the United States and she lives alone in Pakistan. So the people themselves started making news that there was a divorce between them.

Let us tell you one thing here that only 5 years have passed since Sanam Jung’s marriage. And now she is the mother of a daughter. Just two to three days ago, her youngest sister Anam Jung’s wedding was the center of attention on social media. And fortunately, Sanam Jung’s husband Abdul Qassam Jafri also spotted at the wedding.

Last week, Sanam Jung attended Ahsan Khan’s show with her best friend Nadia Khan. Where she answered many questions. But when the host asked Sanam if we want to hear from you if you are really divorced, then listen to what she said by clicking on the link below.

We pray to Allah Almighty to keep Sanam Jung and her husband Syed Abdul Qassam Jafri happy forever. Ameen!


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