Nadia Khan Introduces Newly Adopted Child


After making pilot Faisal Mumtaz Rao her husband, Nadia Khan has become the center of attention on social media. This is Nadia Khan’s second marriage while her husband’s third. And both have children from the first marriage. While some people praised the marriage, some people were seen criticizing it.

Let us tell you one thing here that Nadia Khan has two children from her first husband and one child she has adopted. And his name is Kiaan Khan. When people found out about this, many people started writing on social media about why a mother of two needed to adopt a third child. And people don’t know why they started making such unnecessary things.

But a few days ago, when Nadia Khan attended Ahsan Khan’s show with host Sanam Jung, she reluctantly answered the people’s question. “In our society, people are fond of making a fuss,” she said. The actress in the showbiz is probably getting married twice but you guys go to nearby houses and you will find out what is happening in our families. Click on the link below to hear what she said in her video statement.

Don’t forget to congratulate actress and host Nadia Khan on her third child. Thanks!


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