Shahid Afridi Daughter Arwa Starts Walking; See Cute Video Here


Many people do not know that Shahid Afridi has become the father of five daughters. And their fifth daughter was born last year. The best player and bowler of the Pakistani cricket team known as Boom Boom is very popular among the people. We may have few words to introduce but cannot be praised.

Shahid Afridi joined the Pakistan cricket team when he was just 16 years old. And as soon as he came, he showed his excellent batting and made a place in the team. And whenever there is a Pakistan match, people come to the stadium to buy tickets only because of Shahid Afridi and watch his batting.

Shahid Afridi tries to connect with his fans on Instagram and keeps them updated. Hardly anyone else in the Pakistan cricket team has gained as much fame as Shahid Afridi in his career. He has retired after giving 22 years to the Pakistan cricket team but now he is showing his excellent batting in Pakistan Super League. And when he comes to bat, the voices of Lala Lala resound throughout the stadium.

But in today’s article, we will see that Shahid Afridi’s fifth daughter Arfa Afridi has started walking on her own feet after one year. When Arwa Afridi walked for the first time, Shahid Afridi made a memorable video and shared it with his fans on social media which is becoming very popular among the people. And if you want to watch that video, click on the link below to watch it.

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