Shaheen Shah Afridi And Shahid Afridi’s Daughter Ansha To Get Engaged


Pakistan cricket team’s fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi is about to get engaged to Shahid Afridi’s daughter Ansha Afridi soon. Their news has been confirmed by both families. When and where the engagement ceremony will be held. It is not yet known. And people can’t believe it.

This news was first shared by news journalist Ihtisham-ul-Haq on his Twitter account. He wrote that Shahid Afridi’s second daughter is about to get engaged to Pakistani bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi. He also wrote that the proposal has been accepted by both the families and the formal engagement ceremony will be held within two years.

But as soon as this news came, a topic of discussion started on social media. Let us tell you one thing here that Shahid Afridi and Shaheen Shah Afridi are also playing in Pakistan Super League 6 at the moment. And of course, Shaheen Afridi is becoming a great cricketer with the passage of time. Shahid Afridi’s second daughter’s name is Ansha Afridi. To whom Shaheen Afridi will get engaged.

Shahid Afridi is the father of five daughters and his five daughters love their father very much. They often come to support Shahid Afridi in the cricket stadium. And let us tell you one thing here that Shahid Afridi’s marriage has been going on for almost 22 years. And if you want to see Shahid Afridi’s wife, click on the Blue Highlight link.

Don’t forget to congratulate Shahid Afridi and his family on this happy occasion. Thanks!


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