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Shahid Afridi Finally Speaks on Daughter Aqsa Afridi’s Engagement Rumours With Shaheen Shah

The news went viral on social media last night that Shahid Afridi’s daughter Aqsa will soon be engaged to Pakistani cricketer and bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi. Sources also said that the proposal has been accepted by Shahid Afridi’s family. But now Lala himself has confirmed this on Twitter.

Shahid Afridi wrote in his Twitter statement that Shaheen Afridi’s proposal has come for my daughter. There is a conversation going on in my family right now. He added that matches are formed in the heavens. And he said that if the pleasure of Allah is included in this path, then this proposal will definitely be accepted. And he also wished Shaheen Shah Afridi great success.

If you also want to read what Shahid Afridi wrote on his Twitter account, check it out below.

After Shahid Afridi’s tweet, Shaheen Shah Afridi also replied to him and wrote that thank you very much. He wrote in his tweet that may Allah make things easy for everyone. He wrote to Shahid Afridi that he is a source of pride for the entire nation.

Do you also want Shaheen Shah Afridi to marry Shahid Afridi’s daughter. If so, will tell you in the comments section below. Thanks!

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