Nimra Shares Adorable Photos With Husband Asad


It’s not a big deal to be famous in the 21st century. In this digital era, anyone who uploads a single video on social media goes viral. But the condition is that there should be no tutorial in this video, only junk entertainment. Because people all over the world just like entertainment videos.

In today’s article, we are talking about Asad and Nimra who also became celebrities in Pakistan overnight. What is special about both of them is that they got married at the age of 18 and started a new tradition in Pakistan. At the age when children are studying in school and college, they popularized the culture of Nikah. And people liked the two of them very much and they were well received on social media.

Asad and Nimra have been married for almost two years now and they are living happily ever after. The couple is currently completing their education after marriage. On the other hand, Asad and Nimrah have also introduced their YouTube channel where they keep uploading their daily videos with their fans. And here we will tell you that Assad’s wife’s national identity card was also made after marriage.

But in today’s article, we will see that Asad fulfilled his wife Nimra’s wish. Nimra also wished that she wanted to sit and in the helicopter and fly, so this man also showed his wife that day. And he has shared the joy of his wife’s moments with his fans. And if you also want to watch that video, click on the link below to watch it.

Do you also want to sit and fly in a helicopter? If so, please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks!


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