‘Do You Think It’s Normal? Stop’: Mathira Gets Angry With Tabish Hashmi On Tough Questions

'Do You Think It's Normal Stop' Mathira Gets Angry With Tabish Hashmi On Tough Questions

You all know that actress and model Mathira today participated in Tabish Hashmi’s program on the popular YouTube show, To Be Honest, 2.0. And before airing this program, Tabish Hashmi had warned everyone not to watch this program sitting with family. Because in this program every topic was discussed which cannot be seen and heard with the family. And she was the only guest who silenced host Tabish Hashmi during the entire 40-minute program.

Mathira With Tabish Hashmi
Mathira To Be Honest

As usual, Mathira dressed in traditional bold clothes and participated in this YouTube program (Tbh Honest). People have always seen her in Western clothes, which is why this is nothing new. Mathira did her best to answer the questions asked by the famous host Tabish Hashmi. And when the host of the program kept his mouth shut after hearing the correct answer of the guest.

Mathira Tbh 2.0
mathira Tabish Hashmi

Perhaps many of you know that Mathira was married once before in her life. But unfortunately, their marriage has turned into a divorce. She also has a son from her first husband named Aahil Rizvi. And she is now raising her son as a single mother. While her younger sister is also from Showbiz, she is also a famous model and her name is Rose Mohammad and she also looks like a photocopy of her elder sister.

Mathira To be honest show
Tabish hashmi interview Mathira

But when the host of the show, Tabish, asked the guest Mathira how she had faced criticism in the past, her answer was very professional. If you want to hear what she said, click on the link below and watch it in the video.

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